Installazione NIS NON usando le directory di sistema.

Solo sul server primario (i file li mettiamo in /etc/ypfiles):


# Location of the master NIS password file (for yppasswdd).
# If you change this make sure it matches with /var/yp/Makefile.

Modifiche a /var/yp/Makefile

# These are the source directories for the NIS files; normally
# that is /etc but you may want to move the source for the password
# and group files to (for example) /var/yp/ypfiles. The directory
# for passwd, group and shadow is defined by YPPWDDIR, the rest is
# taken from YPSRCDIR.
YPSRCDIR = /etc/ypfiles
YPPWDDIR = /etc/ypfiles
YPBINDIR = /usr/lib/yp
YPSBINDIR = /usr/sbin
YPDIR = /var/yp
e abilitare solo le maps che si intendono usare
# If you don't want some of these maps built, feel free to comment
# them out from this list.

#ALL =  passwd group hosts rpc services netid protocols netgrp
#ALL += publickey mail ethers bootparams printcap
#ALL += amd.home auto.master auto.home auto.local
#ALL += timezone locale networks netmasks
ALL =  passwd group auto.master auto.home


/usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m

e sullo slave

ypinit -s <master server>

Creazione utenti e password

Per aggiungere uno user compatibile con il tru64 copia la linea nel passwd e nel group, poi cambia a mano la password con:

echo "password in chiaro" |makepasswd --clearfrom=- --crypt