Enrico Rossi

Typo3 page redirect with 301 code

Typo3 and the 301 code redirection.

Suppose you have a website written in typo3 and you want that some pages got redirected to somewhere else with the proper 301 code (Moved Permanently) do this:

In the example I will redirect the page to an another internal one.

Pick the page you want to redirect and edit it,

general -> type: Link to external URL
general -> Protocol: auto
general -> URL: /index.php?id=NN

Where NN is the new page_id you want to jump to.

Resources -> TypoScript Configuration: TSFE.jumpURL_HTTPStatusCode=301;

That’s it.

curl -v http://the_site/the_page_redirected

and you should see among the other things the

< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently