Enrico Rossi

from 4F9ED407 to F2133176

Following what’s going on in Debian I’ve switched my gpg key from an old 1K SHA1 to a brand new 4K SHA512. Starting from Zack’s Blog and following to this migration howto and this ubuntu gpg howto.

The old key is:

pub   1024D/4F9ED407 2007-09-18
Key fingerprint = 5AA4 A815 CB95 D617 CE51  8700 6E5D 889E 4F9E D407

The new key is:

pub   4096R/F2133176 2010-10-19
Key fingerprint = C1E7 9DEB FE2A 511F F70B  8025 5E01 95FA F213 3176

You can find my migration signed statement here, and my new key is here.