Enrico Rossi

OpenSync Debian Squeeze and Nokia e71

I usually backup my nokia phone contacts to pc using multisync, now I have to switch from multisync to opensync.

Before you continue, I strongly suggest you make a backup of your phone contacts in some way (funny eh!) because these tools can erase it all, even they tend to ask for a confirmation before.

What I usually do is to sync the phone with a directory in vcard files, then cat these files together in a single large file used in lbdb for my mutt address book.

If you change something in the phone then it will be changed in the files too on the next sync, but if you want to make changes in a file to get to the phone the only way right now seems to remove the old record and add the new one.

Eventually you can always remove the old record and add as the last record number + 1 a new version, this will add your changes to the phone. Keep an eye on opensync web site for updates.

First you need to install these packages:

apt-get install osynctool opensync-plugin-syncml opensync-plugin-file

then create the sync directory:

mkdir /home/enrico/opensync/e71


osynctool --addgroup e71
osynctool --addmember e71 file-sync
osynctool --addmember e71 syncml-obex-client
osynctool --configure e71 1

I’ve modified only this part which off course should match your path:


Find out your phone mac address with hcitool scan and the channel to connect to with sdptool browse <your mac addr here>. Look at the channel with the same <SDPUUID>00000002-0000-1000-8000-0002ee000002</SDPUUID> used later in the config file. then configure the syncml plugin with:

osynctool --configure e71 2

in which I’ve modified:

  <Value>PC Suite</Value>


  <MAC>put your mac addr in here</MAC>

open another terminal and use the bluetooth-agent to provide the pin code (note: you may not need this, depends on your bluetooth install and pairing with the phone):

bluetooth-agent <4 number PIN>

the shoot:

osynctool --discover e71
osynctool --sync e71

Have a nice day.