Enrico Rossi

From Ikiwiki to Hugo

Looking for a new static site generator I choose Hugo. The cause for this switch is the need for a real-time rendering of the site while editing the pages and an easier way for theming it. Well to be honest I’d say a better or easier way to choose an already cooked theme and Hugo do have a wide range of themes.

Also, and not a small thing to take into account, Hugo have and extensive deployment, documentation, use cases and youtube help video which speedup the learning curve.

Against Hugo my lack of golang programming language, but it can be tolerated. Also the extensive use of ikiwiki custom links I’ve made, forced me to re-edit all pages of the site, small changes yes, but nonetheless an effort.

RSS feed for the blog looks ok, robots.txt is back and sitemap looks good too.

What’s left?

Well the blog is there, and the URL for the posts maintained. What was various pages in the old ikiwiki are now sub-folder of the projects section, but I don’t like its rendering.

I have also discovered in the old blog’s post some broken links not yet fixed. Among those, an important part is about repositories which got moved and, maybe, will be moved in the future.

An interesting idea to partially fix broken links could be to deploy a sort of linkopedia where to converge all those links and keep only that pages updated.

Let’s start Hugo and see how it goes.