this is my HamRadio Info page

QTH: Bologna.
Loc: JN54pl


QTH: Ispra (VA)
Loc: JN45ht

Rigs: FT-718nd with 5W.
Antenna: HF: Falcon D-original OUT-250-B (10-80mt).
Antenna: V/UHF: Discone Proxel D130.

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Most of the time I use the IU4JRU/2 callsign to indicate I'm operating from Loc: JN45ht (Ispra).

I'm operating in QRP (5W) with a Yaesu FT-817nd and a vertical antenna at 5m from the ground.

Operating in digital modes is performed usign Debian Linux OS, mostly with FLdigi.

QSL policy

My QSL policy is paperless only, sorry. I use eqsl.cc, qrz.com, hamqth.com and email, IRC (#lifo on freenode) and xmpp.

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