Enrico Rossi

Open Garden

The open garden project is an automatic garden watering system with the ability to change it’s irrigation time based on last 24h temperature average.

If you are interested in the project feel free to mail me, I will more than happy to have feedback.

Main feature:

  • 8 water line completely independent each other.
  • 2 digital input for alarms (stop, rain, high humidity …).
  • Irrigation time based on temperature.
  • 20 different irrigation program.
  • Week based programming, which time and days of the week.
  • USB connection to PC for easy programming.
  • Open source code and schematics.
  • Real time clock for future year/month programming.
  • Compatibile with monostable and bistable valve type.

Hardware specs.

  • Micro AtMega 1280.
  • Power supply by 2x9v battery or external power 24V.
  • I2C Temperature sensor microchip tcn75a.
  • USB to serial converter FT232r.


The complete version 1.0 has been build an It’s under testing.

A prototype as been build and it is under test at live the nature garden center (Italian).

Irrigation program on the 8 lines and a brutal serial interface works.

The first hand made prototype.

Version 1.0 final.

More info


Schematics by Andrea Marabini. Installation and testing by Nicola Galliani. Python Graphics interface by Alessandro Dotti