OneWay  3.0-3-ge9d4fa4
Interface protocol from TX to RX:

from master tx -> slave rx:

The module will display any char received on the console, connected to the serial port 1, within the range ascii from 32 to 128.

It is possible in this way to monitor constantly the whole network, but only those messages directed to broadcast or to us will be executed.


a - change the address of the receiver.

This command must be entered from the console.


-> a
<- Change address, remeber:
<- - the address is in HEX, use digit from 0 to f
<- - do not use 0000 or ffff as address
<- Enter the 4 digit address [0001 - fffe]:

TxRx protocol definition.

The received string must be in the form:




-> xxx0123011:?? (the value of RR unknown here)
<- Received: 0123011 OK
<- Action: Pin1 enable

any command on the air will be checked and displayed, but only those for us will be executed.