Enrico Rossi

Opengarden update

We are reaching the first milestone of the Open Garden project.

If today’s test goes as predicted we now have:

  • 8 independent water line.
  • 4 digital input for alarms.
  • 20 different programs stored in non-volatile memory.
  • temperature sensor and average temperature on the last 24h.
  • real time clock.

Any program has a start time expressed in which days of the week, start time in hour and minutes, duration time in minutes.

The duration time of the program is considered valid if there is an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius in the last 24h, if not a correction factor is applied. For example if we have a program 4 minutes long and an average temperature higher than 20 degrees, then the time can become 5, 6 or more minutes. The result time depends on some parameters we are still testing.

Also note that if the correction factor is more than 3, then a factor of 3 is used and, if the program is scheduled only for today, re-schedule the same program for tomorrow.

There are still many things to do, and we seek for help, things like:

  • some kind of user interface, like windows program, gtk, mac, http server etc.
  • more hardware developers and tester.
  • wiki, docs, manuals, tutorial etc.
  • arduino porting maybe (strip down some IO lines).
  • better doxygen the code.

Want to help or just interested in the project, please contact me.